About Us

“Barcelona Gaudí is more than a Restaurant”

Have you ever experienced Catalan cuisine in the atmosphere of beautiful Barcelona? Or had the opportunity to marvel at the work of Antoni Gaudí, the Catalan architect and known as God’s architect?

If not, you should come to “Barcelona Gaudí”, a new restaurant in the heart of Bangkok where we bring together delightful Mediterranean cuisine and the style of Antoni Gaudí.

“Originality consists in returning to the origin” – Antoni Gaudí (1852 –1926)

Our experienced chef, Marc Font, is ready to delight you with an original mix of both traditional and contemporary Catalan food.

“but man does not create… he discovers” – Antoni Gaudí (1852 –1926)

As well as fine Catalan food, we offer a range of innovative Mediterranean dishes, traditional signature dishes and Thai-Catalan fusion.

 “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic”- Antoni Gaudí (1852 –1926)

At Barcelona Gaudí, we have designed a dining experience to match the beauty, colour and culture of Barcelona.

Nothing is art if it does not come from nature” – Antoni Gaudí (1852 –1926)

All our recipes include 100% natural and organic ingredients. Each and every dish is presented in an artistic style alongside original Catalan sides and condiments.

Barcelona Gaudi Staff

 “From the garden or market and direct to the kitchen, I have many emotions, a very open mind and restless creativity with one goal: satisfying our customers”

– Marc Font Garriga-


Our Chef – Marc Font Garriga

Marc was born in Centelles (Catalunya) where his family owns a restaurant, ¨El Trull¨, which commemorated its 60th anniversary in 2013. As a child he became familiar with the kitchen helping his grandmother and father there.

In 2005 he studied in a cooking and catering school in Girona (north Catalunya), where he was influenced by teachers like Joan Roca (¨Can Roca Restaurant¨, 3 Michelin stars) and Salvador Brugues (author of several cooking books).

After school, he worked at ¨Can Jubany¨ restaurant (1 Michelin star) that influenced his full culinary philosophy. There he was trained as a chef by “Nandu Jubany” (well known chef in Catalunya and Spain) and learned the base of modern Catalan cuisine.

He has also studied a course on health and food at a dietician school in Granollers (Barcelona) where he learned how to deal with people who have food intolerances and plan dietary programs.

Marc has also worked in several 5-star hotels and spas: ¨Princesa Yaiza¨ in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), ¨Balneari Blancafort¨ (Barcelona) and ¨Golf Torremirona” (Girona).

In 2009, he opened his own restaurant in Centelles (Barcelona) and in 2011 he was directly involved in an important family project, the new opening of a restaurant (200 people capacity) in Granollers city: ¨El Casino de Granollers¨.

In December 2012 he came to Thailand where he worked at ¨Hola Spanish Food¨ restaurant in Thonglor (Bangkok). During this time, he also learned thai cuisine at the Nahm restaurant (Bangkok).

Finally, Marc is now ready to be involved in the biggest project of his life: Barcelona Gaudi Restaurant. He is fully experienced in delighting customers with original Catalan cuisine and Thai-Catalan fusion food.